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Half Price Sale

Save money on spells and psychic powers
with our witchcraft and paranormal offers.

Welcome to our bargain sale, with loads of bargains at half price. We supply to the world, and as we sell eBooks there is no postage charge and no waiting, you get your books the moment payment has cleared (i.e. in seconds). We have a great selection of spell books by that mistress of the art of witchcraft and wicca, Alerana. And we have two paranormal books on psychic powers. One on how to test yourself to see if you have psychic power, and one on how to develop psychic powers.

All these books are reduced in price for a limited time only, so you need to buy them quickly, or you will be paying TWICE AS MUCH in the future, and you don't want to do that. So order these books now, while they are HALF PRICE and SAVE MONEY.

Half Price Psychic Books

Everyone has the ability to be psychic to some degree, it is just a matter of finding and developing that paranormal ability latent in the human brain. Think of it like this: When a baby is born it cannot run, but all humans have the latent ability to run. However first the baby has to learn to stand up unaided. Then he/she has to learn to walk. Finally they learn to run. They do it in stages. And once you have learnt how to run, you can, if you want, train to get better, to run faster. You may not ever get fast enough to win an Olympic medal, but with enough training and practise you can get bloody fast, faster than most other people, and able to win many races.

It is the same with psychic powers. You need to start with baby steps, then build up your psychic powers until you are a master. The only difference between psychic power and walking is that nearly everyone learns to walk, but practically no one learns to use their psychic abilities! Imagine a world where 99% of people never even learnt to stand up. Where 99% of people spent their entire life crawling round the floor and gurgling. Now imagine you are one of the small minority, a small 1% who learnt to stand up, talk, walk, and even run. You would be like a super hero to the other 99%, almost like a god! Yet running and talking is easy, nearly all the 99% crawling round the floor thinking that you have paranormal powers by simply standing up could do the same thing if they worked at it.

Well that is how it is with psychic ability. Anyone can, with effort and training, develop psychic powers, it is not a paranormal event, it is as natural and human as walking. But 99% don't bother. You can be one of the 1% who do bother, who do develop their natural ability with psychic powers. It is up to you, decide now. Don't remain psychically disable, claim your birthright, as a human being, to develop your natural psychic powers!

Test Yourself For Psychic Powers

First off you need to test yourself to see how good your "basic" psychic abilities are. This will be the start line, this will be where you begin your journey into your new life of psychic power. Before you begin to develop your skills you have to know what they are. In the "baby walking" analogy, this is the "learning to stand up, and learning to take baby steps" stage. You need to test yourself to decide how to proceed.

This book used to cost $9.95, but now it has been updated and reissued by Smashwords for only $4.95. Click Here and save five dollars!

Develop Your Psychic Powers

This is the second stage. This is where you really develop and train your psychic abilities. In the "baby walking" analogy, this takes you from "getting good at walking unaided" and through to "running until you are eventually wining races at major athletic events" stage. This is where you learn how to take your psychic abilities from "mildly talented human" to being a "superman".

And at the moment this book is also half price. Instead of $9.95, you pay only $4.95. So Click Here and save another $5.

Half Price Magic Spells

Alerana is one of the most powerful practitioners of wicca and witchcraft in the world, and her spell books are among the most popular magic books available. So it is a delight for us, and a unique bargain for you, that Alerana has agreed to let us sell her spell books at half price. Snap them up quickly, you don't want to miss out!

Love Spells

Alerana's Book of love spells: If you hope to find love, then here is the book of magic spells that will find you the happiness you crave. It normally costs $9.95 but is now half price in our sale. You pay only $4.95 for this spell book. Click Here and save money.

Money Spells

This is Alerana's most popular spell book. We sell more copies of this book that all the other spell books we supply combined! We have really no need to offer this spell book at half price but because we are generous (and because Alerana asked us to - and you don't argue with a powerful witch like Alerana if you know what is good for you) we are including it in this sale too. Surprisingly, despite it's popularity, our regular price for this book is the same as the others, only $9.95 and is now also half price. You pay only $4.95 for this amazingly popular and powerful spell book. So Click Here and save five dollars!

Success Spells

If pretty much everything you want in life comes to you, then you are said to be successful. In this spell book Alerana tells you how to get success through the use of magic spells. If you want the good things in life, then you want success. This means you must have this spell book. And like the other books on this page it is now half price. Instead of $9.95, you pay only $4.95 for this necessary spell book. So Click Here and save money.

Power Spells

This is the most powerful of Alerana's spell books. But we have left it to last because, unlike the other books we publish, this one is dangerous. Genuinely dangerous. Only one of the ten spells in this book is safe to use, and Alerana herself has only ever used two of them. In that she only normally publishes spells that she uses herself, but she has only ever been brave enough to try two spells from this book, and in that Alerana is a very powerful witch, you can understand how powerful and dangerous the spells in this book really are. So, although this book is half price too, think twice before using it. (And if you need further proof of how powerful and dangerous this book is, when was the last time you saw an advert were the company selling a product advised you to "think twice before using it", if we were not genuinely afraid of these spells we would be saying "go on - buy it"!) However, if you are brave enough to buy this book, it too is now half price. You pay only $4.95 for this powerful but dangerous spell book. So Click Here and save another $5.

A science fiction detective story set on a planet where women rule and men are kept as slaves.

On Planet Dominatrix only the women are considered human. Men are considered less than animals. They are property, male slaves, to be bought and sold. And to be used in any way their mistress desires. Since these men slaves are not considered human, just property, the killing of a male slave is not considered murder. If you kill someone else's man slave without their mistress' permission then it is vandalism. But no one really cares about the dead male slave.

However what if the killer was not aiming at the slaves? What if the killer had been aiming at the slave's mistress, a woman, a real human being, but had missed? In that case - it would be murder!

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Or you can download this science fiction detective story from A1 Adult Ebooks if you Click Here.

YOU decide how this slave girl is TORTURED!

YOU get to choose her BONDAGE to decide on her PUNISHMENT to choose how she is TORTURED and decide the level of PAIN she is forced to SUFFER!
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YOU really do get to say how she suffers!